The First Non-Profit Ukraine Aid DAO.
We are Web3.0. We are DAO. WE ARE FOR UKRAINE.

About Us

KyivAid is a Polish based non-profit DAO that aims to assist Ukrainian refugees and those left behind within Ukraine.

Whilst there are many organisations supporting this dreadful situation, the sheer number of people needing help only grows day by day.

We have taken it upon ourselves to establish a decentralised fundraising platform that will ensure complete transparency, whilst ensuring those who donate have total control of the funds raised, knowing that funds go directly to the chosen cause in a targeted approach and decided amongst members of the KyivAid community.

Our goal is to help our neighbours and ensure all contributions are entirely spent on what really matters, without any administration costs like many other charitable organisations.

Currently, the situation is deteriorating by the hour, with more than two million refugees already displaced from their families, homes and livelihoods. Leaving their loved ones behind, women, children and elderly people are faced with unimaginable pain and suffering it is estimated the number could rise to 10 million or more as the situation continues to deteriorate.

Our goal and commitment are further strengthened by the fact that we have Ukrainian team members and see clearly the horrendous effects this tragic conflict has had on their own lives each passing day. This has further strengthened our resolve to help with each refugee and given us a clear insight into what our Ukrainian brothers and sisters desperately need now and in the future.

Sadly, in times like this, we are aware that individuals take advantage for personal gain, which is why KyivAid ensures absolute transparency. Our mission is based on complete integrity to ensure all funds reach those desperately in need.

Why KyivAid makes a difference

Global charities generally are structured with a management board who are paid for their time and determine when and how donations are distributed. KyivAid does not pay management fees, and our community as a whole decides which recipient is awarded funds whilst having transparent access to all financial information.

It is disheartening to see how much money is actually wasted through poor management decisions by charities, which sadly means their efforts are not achieved despite the well meaning wishes and expectations of the actual donor.

KyivAid believes that transparency, effectiveness and targeted funds that go straight to the heart of where they are needed most are the most crucial elements for us all to succeed to make a real difference to our Ukrainian family.

Now, with the congruence of crypto and Web 3.0 and the conception of DAOs, we offer our solution.

The Solution

We looked for a way to work around this and establish a clearly defined and trustworthy process. Along the way, we figured we might as well be the ones to ensure implementation - we are far too emotionally invested in this already. As a result, we developed a completely new structure to combat the issues outlined above, a DAO.

Now, for the uninitiated, a DAO is a pseudo-democratic entity that fully utilises the transparency and efficiency the blockchain brings. Tokens can be used to ‘vote’ on decisions, and everything will be done according to how the community decides. It is here where we see an ideal representation of the concept of democracy.

Capitalising on this, KyivAid will make full use of the blockchain and DAO, along with our connections (via officially registered non-profit NGOs in Poland), to directly offer aid to refugees and those who are left behind in Ukraine.

We have Ukrainian team members who have been directly affected by the crisis, who bravely stepped up to contribute and helped our organisation coordinate with the proper authorities to ensure that everything will be conducted with the highest possible standards to ensure our mission is achieved.

From an outsider’s perspective, this could lead to a bias in decision-making, but as mentioned above, it is the community that will be making the decisions.

The decisions are made by you - Not us.

Initially, supporters will donate in order to obtain governance tokens. These tokens, in turn, will allow the user to vote and decide what path they want the organisation to take. These tokens are also locked once bought, which means holders won't be able to move, sell, ortransfer them.

We wanted to structure it so that the contribution is incentivised and that contributors will get an actual say on where their donation goes. Here, your voice and opinion matter. You are the one that donated, so you will be the one who decides which cause you want to assist.

In addition, wallets are also restricted to a maximum of 20,000 tokens. This is done in order to prevent individuals from having an impact on decisions.

We will reach out to causes we want to help - generally smaller ones - as we want to change the lives of individuals. We will collate a verified and vetted list then publish it on the website on a daily basis.

Every necessary detail about the entries will be included - from their goals to how they plan to help, their background and history, even their contact details and official paperwork if the community wishes this information.

The next step is for supporters to join the voting platform to cast their votes on.

Based on the number of tokens an individual holds, members of the DAO can choose to say yes or no if they want to support the initiatives we have listed down.

Once the voting has concluded, the funds raised will then be transferred to our registered non-profit charity, where we have full control over the money. A complete breakdown in a detailed report of all costs will be posted on our website.

Blockchain allows us to be fully transparent, and we are not centralised. Every transaction is accessible and can be reviewed by everyone publicly. In addition, all bank statements and transactions will be posted on the website everyone can see clearly how the blockchain works.

This has always been our issue with all charities where one could never be sure how money that was donated is spent - we aim to change this from now.

We want to establish a transparent and reliable process to help the victims of this awful war and make a real difference in their lives and futures working together.

Join us to make a real difference.

The $KYIV DAO Token

We understand this project's potential for the long term. Despite the severity of the ongoing Ukraine crisis, we believe that peace shall return to her lands one day.

By that time, we believe we would have helped millions of lives - and while it would appear that our project's goals have been reached, we are sure there will be another group of millions that require help.

Recovery is always the hardest. Rebuilding what was once lost comes at a steep price. It is a work in progress, and work like this is never done.

This is where our transitional phase comes in.

To start, we are considering unlocking tokens and adding liquidity down the line. We know that there will be people who missed the token pre-sale opportunity,so we want to open our doors to them. Unlocking the tokens and adding liquidity will allow for the latecomers to participate and join us in guiding where the project leads to.

As always, it will be the community who decides the vote,and nothing will be changed without the explicit approval of the community. Another avenue we are considering is to host an NFT marketplace where only our $KYIV token will be accepted. This will be a Ukrainian-exclusive platform (the team will verify EVERY person applying) where Ukrainians could publish and sell their NFTs.

With the advent of the NFT craze and the night-guaranteed loss of income for those in the creative industry, we believe setting up a marketplace to allow creators to showcase their works can be a great way to help them financially.

Naturally, this is just the start.

We will be open to community suggestions down the line and will greatly appreciate you sticking with us until then. We know Ukraine will need a lot of support not only while this crisis lasts but until we make sure each and every one of her citizens has recovered.


We mentioned before that it is our goal to stand above other existing charity organisations in trustworthiness, effectiveness, and transparency. Our staunch belief stems from the fact that we have seen many people donate a significant amount of money, only to receive some certificate in the end. Worse, some groups choose not to publish anything and simply give out a blanket statement for gratitude.

We believe that selflessness is a virtue,
we also believe that good deeds should not go unrewarded.

We want to reward our supporters. You were the ones who enabled us to proceed with the project and helped us chase after our mission in the first place. Without you, we wouldn't have been able to offer aid to countless lives affected by the war.

As a token of gratitude, we are considering doing an NFT airdrop in Q2 2022. The NFT rewards are directly proportionate to the amount donated by an individual.

Here's a quick breakdown of the reward structure;

  • +1,000x $KYIV - Bronze NFT Community Badge
  • +5,000x $KYIV - Silver NFT Community Badge
  • +10,000x $KYIV - Gold NFT Community Badge
  • +20,000x $KYIV - Platinium NFT Community Badge

In addition, every person who directly donates to our treasury will receive an exclusive NFT badge as well.

  • +1,000 USD - Bronze NFT Supporter Badge
  • +5,000 USD - Silver NFT Supporter Badge
  • +10,000 USD - Gold NFT Supporter Badge
  • +20,000 USD - Platinium NFT Supporter Badge

Naturally, there will be different perks available for each tier. This will be expounded and established in the future.


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